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Our Priorities:

At each work stage, we carry full responsibility for the project—which includes selecting a team of competent professionals, ensuring the adequate quality control, keeping the deadlines and observing customer's requirements. We perform final check of the translated documents or electronic data and other necessary finalization routine.
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We strictly observe confidentiality of our customers. We promise not to disclose any information acquired from the customer during fulfilling professional activities without customer's instructions or proper permission, except if required to do so by law. Following are subject to the confidentiality rule: original documents, reference material and glossaries provided by the customer, translated documents and their content, negotiations subject and terms, knowledge about the customer or related third parties and their activities and other knowledge acquired during work. When it is considered necessary, an additional confidentiality agreement may be signed (a copy for each Party in a form set by the customer).
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Accuracy and Quality

We strictly keep to the agreed delivery deadline. If the job cannot be delivered to the customer in time for unforeseen reasons (such as changes in the source document, loss or corruption of the electronic data, delay in providing necessary reference material and glossaries etc., or any other situation that might affect the delivery deadline), we will immediately contact the customer to set a new delivery deadline. All the documents are thoroughly crosschecked against the original and spellchecked before being delivered to the customer.
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Reliable Communication
  While processing the order we keep continuous communication with the customer: through e-mail (our main communication channel), phone or fax. The customer can check the current stage and state of the order being processed at any time. In case of a business trip, extreme workload, need to fully dedicate our resources to a particular task or in other situations limiting our functionality or ability to process new orders, at the possibly earliest stage we send e-mail messages notifying about our schedule changes or limitations (see 'Schedule Notifications Subscription'). You can also check the current availability status on this web page, click here.
(ATTENTION! The availability and schedule are subject to sudden change. It is always safer to contact us by e-mail or phone PRIOR TO placing big volume orders.)
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Loyalty and Professional Etiquette

When an order is placed through a contractors-subcontractors chain only the last immediate link is considered as our direct customer. Based on the rule of loyalty to the direct customer, we DO NOT get in contact, carry negotiations or get in any other relations with other contractors and subcontractors in the order chain or end-client without proper instructions or permission from our direct customer. Any questions or problems that may occur should be solved on the basis of good will based on the rules accepted in the professional community and through or with the participation of our direct customer.
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